Efficient and fast

Thanks to our technical capabilities, teamed with flexible production units, we can quickly and efficiently adapt to the desired order volume with variable order sizes and potential changes to packaging formats. Our wide batch range makes it possible to complete small batch volumes as well. The well-organised order throughput times make it possible for you to plan your deadlines reliably.
Before the production line is put into operation, approval is given by the quality assurance department, which also continually checks the filling process. Every finished product is subject to a final inspection. All production lines are designed in a modular structure and can be quickly converted to meet new requirements.
Fully-automated filling lines are set up for bottles made of plastic and glass (50 ml to 500 ml), pots (15 ml to 250 ml), tubes (5 ml to 250 ml) and dispensers with various sealing options (e.g. pressure, screw).
The integrated sealing and labelling station ensures efficiency – as well as direct boxing including adding product leaflets and corrugated inliners.
Glass ampoules (1, 2 and 3 ml) can be filled at five ampoule filling stations. We can also fill demanding consistencies into airless dispensers (5 ml to 75 ml), pump dispenser systems and tottles.
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